Raising Awareness


TogoRun partnered with Exact Sciences, an innovative molecular diagnostics company, on its first product to market, Cologuard, a noninvasive, easy-to-use, at-home colorectal cancer (CRC) screening option. TogoRun was charged to drive awareness and screening with Cologuard and establish Exact Science as a leader in at-home diagnostics.


TogoRun developed a two-year Cologuard communications plan, including:

  • Positioning workshop with key executives to establish the brand’s positioning and message house
  • Aggressive proactive/reactive traditional and social media relations plan, including HCP-targeted native content strategy
  • HCP allied development plan and data/medical meeting strategy
  • Executive thought leadership program

TogoRun created a highly successful public awareness campaign targeting adults turning 50 – The New 50 – led by Grammy and Emmy award-winning singer, actor and talk show host, Harry Connick, Jr. and his wife, former model and cancer survivor, Jill Connick. The campaign:

  • Leveraged celebrity for top-tier media coverage, national, and local awareness
  • Created in-market events to drive connections between prescribing HCPs and consumers
  • Utilized provider and patient spokespersons with third-party advocacy groups to tell science and human story behind Cologuard and drive younger screening guidelines
  • Employed surround-sound tactics for multiple touchpoints with target audiences, including social activation and medical meeting appearances


Elevated Cologuard awareness and drove demand for at-home test among not only 50-year olds, but also among younger adults, as data regarding prevalence of CRC began to skew younger; supported efforts to update screening guidelines and establish Cologuard as an important screening option

~500 million impressions generated nationwide

666k visits over seven months on the New 50 website. High quality content and assets drove users to spend an average of 2m35s on the page

600+ consumers educated at high-touch events in four local markets

81% of attendees “very likely” to ask their doctor about Cologuard according to a post-event survey